Underneath you find an overview of the services DO Engineering provides. A short overview of several project examples can be found here.
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A concept design is frequently made by means of a sketch. By means of the concept design it is important to transfer this into a digital 2D or 3D CAD model. This way the possibilities, possible problems and restrictions become visible more rapidly and moreover makes communication concerning the design with you, the customer, much more effective.

Constructing is really the succession of a design, in this phase work is being performed on the manufacturability of the design / model and, for instance, (temporarily) choices are made for materials, parts to be used, production techniques and components to be used.

Technical drawing
DO Engineering can make production drawings for you from a 2D or 3D CAD design made by us. Also we can, for example, digitalize your existing drawings (possibility for including 3D models), adapt existing drawings, or make technical drawings of existing products (reverse engineering).

Technical advice 
We, as enigneering company, can provide you with expert advice on several technical problems.Also we can serve as “sparring-partner” to review your products / ideas on feasibility and supply you with improvement propositions.

Calculation/simulation constructions
DO Engineering can calculate / simulate (FEM / FEA) constructions for you on, among other things, application, strength and thermally to reach an optimum design, (material choice, weight, strength, price) and more certainty with application of products.

Building prototypes 
We can offer you the possibility of looking after or of accompanying construction of prototypes. This could be exclusive or inclusive of the ordering of all necessary components.

The test phase of a product is very important because this is when the validation of the requirements to a product are reviewed. At this stage theory and practice come together and, provided that there is a good approach, important matters can become noticeable. The test phase is necessarily, depending on the application, because calculations frequently only can be performed with ideal circumstances (uniform material properties etc.), and seldom with all possible loads simultaneously.

Also information about the use of products can be obtained by means of tests, when performing measurements during these tests. With these measurements loads can be determined, that are necessary in order to calculate and/or optimize products.

Because of plenty of experience with testing products, DO Engineering can accompany and advise you with the setting up of a testprogram and, because of this, obtain a high degree of certainty concerning functionality and durability of products.

When you have a temporary lack of engineering capacity it is possible, in mutual consultation, to hire DO Engineering to support your company. Contact DO Engineering for the possibilities for secondment.

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